The Posture Does The Riding / Der Sitz des Reiters und sein Einfluss auf das Pferd

A presentation by Richard Weis and Susanne Miesner. Read this as an introduction, a broad overview of Richards' Work.

This paper was prepared as the Handout given to around 2000 participants at three lecture/demonstrations given by Richard Weis at the DOKR in Warendorf, in Mannheim, and in Berlin. They were organised as part of a one month contract to the F.N. in Feb.'01. including instructor training, teaching the apprentices at the DOKR and students selected by the German National Trainers.

The Posture Does The Riding

The German Training Scale - Implications for the rider

The very successful German Training Scale is a tool used to check the training of the horse both daily and long term. Based on sound classical principles, it outlines and tests a sequence of physical laws governing the systematic development of coordination and balance.

In this 6-part series of articles, RICHARD WEIS applies the German Training Scale to the training of the rider.

1. Rhythm 3. Lengthening 5. Straightness
2. Suppleness 4. Impulsion 6. Collection
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