My stallian Broere Jazz was growing underneath me when Richard worked on my balance and straightness in the saddle.

Tineke Bartels
four times Olympian for Holland
There is still something to do to completely understand our own body from the top of our head to the soles of our feet, and it is remarkable that an Australian dressage teacher is bringing this subject to the centre of dressage, Germany and Holland.
Joep Bartels
Director of the Academy, Netherlands
Richard understands very well how to demonstrate, through the use of pictures and body language, how to use the correct posture and movement on and with the horse. He is readily accepted due to the fact that not only is he a specialist, but also a very good riding instructor, who works correctly with the principles of riding.
Christoph Hess
head of DOKR/BLZ, the Education Department of the German National Esquestrian Federation (FN)
I've lived overseas extensively and have been involved in dressage on several continents. I can safely say that I have never, in all my time in foreign countries met another person who has thought modern dressage through as thoroughly as Richard has and who knows and understands, not only its broad theoretical underpinnings, but also the development and the meaning of the history of riding.
  Susanne Miesner, 'Master Bereiter'
co-author of The Principles of Riding (Official Handbook of the FN) and videos on dressage and rider's seat

Richard Weis's strength, in comparison with other dressage trainers, is that from his studies he knows both the human and the horse's muscle functions in details and how they have an impact on one another both positively and negatively. He pays much more attention to the rider's posture than other trainers in order to get a positive reaction from the horse�

It was impressing to see how he, by correcting the rider's seat and posture. made the horses work much more correctly�

Jytte Lemkow
International Dressage Judge for 25 years
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